Day Twelve – 16 July, Tuesday

10:00 Chris Woodhead, evidence for Buckfastleigh Community Forum, will be cross examined by Mr Mark Westmoreland Smith who is represening the apellant, MVV. Then re-examination by Mr Charlie Hopkins. Mr Woodhead is a Chartered Architect, RIBA and his evidence is on Quarrying, Traffic, Noise, Pollution, Dust. Mr Woodhead’s Evidence Document

11:30 Break.

11:45 Dr Mike Rodger. Evidence for Buckfastleigh Community Forum on Health Impact & Health Related Issues. Dr Rodger represents the views of the Buckfastleigh residents on the health related aspects of this application. He will present the Health Impact Assessment and the results of a door-to-door survey of residents of the roads leading to and from Whitecleave Quarry. Dr Rodger’s Evidence document

13:00 Lunch break.

14:00 Cross examination and re-examination of Dr Rodger’s evidence.

16:00 – 17:00 Reserved for Section 106 Criteria and Conditions. (As I write this I don’t know what ‘Section 106’ is, so I will ask and put more information here when I can.)

17:00 End of day.

Day Thirteen – 17 July, Wednesday

10:00 Hannah Fraser, hydrogeologist with 16 years’ experience in groundwater and land contamination projects, including many quarrying, landfill and Environmental Impact Assessment studies. Evidence for Buckfastleigh Community Forum on Geology, Hydrogeology, Caves, Waster Chemistry. Hannah Fraser has submitted four Evidence Documents that can be found here: 1) Defining Landfill 2) Envioronmental Permitting Regulations 3) Water Sampling Test Report 4) Proof of Evidence The morning consist of presentation of evidence, examination in chief followed by cross examination.

13:15 Lunch break.

14:15 Hannah Fraser. Re-examination.

14:45 Break.

15:00 – 16:00 Locals session.

End of day.

Day Fourteen – 18 July, Thursday

10:00 – 13:00 Reserved for preparation of Closing Statements. (I’m presuming there will be nothing for the public to observe? Will need to check.)

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break.

14:00 – 17:00 Site visits by the Planning Inspector.

17:00 End of day.

Day Fifteen – 19 July, Friday

09:30 Closing Statement, Mr Charlie Hopkins – Buckfastleigh Community Forum

10:30 Closing Statement, Mr Rupert Warren – Devon County Council

11:30 Closing Statement, Mr Mark Westmoreland Smith – MVV

12:30 End of day.

Then there might be something going on at the Millenium Orchard Green!!


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