This is a public inquiry being held in Buckfastleigh Town Hall, 34 Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon TQ11 0DD. It’s in the Main Hall, upstairs.

People who are interested in observing, listening and taking notes of the proceedings are welcome. If people want to take photos they need to make a request to the Planning Inspector first. If you want to attend, you can just come in. Quietly of course. The door is open.

I thought it would be useful to post the schedule of the proceedings (timetable).  The timetable does keep changing though because it’s very difficult to predict exactly how long each bit will take.  It is updated every day and the Assistant to Devon County Council’s Planning Officer is the person to ask if you want a copy of the schedule.  He is at the back of the room.

So what follows is not accurate to the minute but is close enough to give you an idea of who and what you might see should you be able to come along.

Mr Rupert Warren is representing Devon County Council. http://www.devon.gov.uk/environmentplanning

Mr Charlie Hopkins is representing Buckfastleigh Community Forum. http://www.community.buckfastleigh.org/

Mr Mark Westmoreland Smith is representing MVV. http://www.mvv-environment.de/en/

WITNESSES FOR MVV (the appellant):

  • Ms Georgi Gilpin – Sam Gilpin Demolition Ltd
  • Mr John Robinson – Hydrology/Hydrogeology
  • Mr Neil Rugg – Transport
  • Dr Garry Gray – Air Quality
  • Mr Alf Maneylaws – Noise
  • Mr Ryan Mellor – Ecology
  • Mr Rodger Miles – Planning and Alternative sites

WITNESS FOR DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL (the Local Planning Authority):

  • Ted Keegan, Jacobs – Planning Issues


  • Prof. John Altringham – Bats and SAC issues
  • John Day – Ecology
  • Prof. Tim Drey – Chemistry of IBA
  • Dr Mike Rodger – Health Impacts
  • Denise Rudgley – Mayor of Buckfastleigh Town Council
  • Hannah Fraser – Hydrology/Hydrogeology
  • Christopher Woodhead

Week One Timetable

Week Two Timetable

Week Three Timetable

Week Four Timetable

(Kathryn Hughes, Buckfastleigh, Devon)


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