The Health Impact Assessment lists 29 Negative Impacts and 13 Positive Impacts on health.

The impacts include:

  • Negative impact on Amenity,
  • Negative impact on opportunities for residents and visitors physical activity,
  • Negative impact of air pollution,
  • Negative impact of noise pollution,
  • Negative impact of dust pollution,
  • Negative impact of vibration and air overpressure,
  • Negative impact of inadequate engagement with the community,
  • Negative impact of food safety risks have not been addressed,
  • Negative impact of economic impact from detraction from a tourism,
  • Negative impact of severance of residents,
  • Negative impact of does not address health inequalities,
  • No positive impact on residents health,
  • Negative impact on house values,
  • Negative impact of the 25 mile distance between the Incinerator and the Incinerator Bottom Ash plant,
  • Negative impact on renewable energy,
  • Negative impact on sustainable transport,
  • Negative impact on biodiversity
  • Negative impact of flood risk,
  • Negative impact of drainage,
  • Negative impact on aspirations of the area,
  • Negative impact of concerns regarding health risks, emotional health and well-being,
  • Negative impact on local water supplies.

The list of positive impacts identified in the Health Impact assessment is very short and it could be argued, somewhat tenuous. The positive impacts include:

  • Increase in physical activity of manual site workers,
  • Buildings will have ground level access and disabled parking,
  • The site is unlikely to attract crime,
  • Some jobs will be created,
  • Processing incinerator bottom ash in the worked out quarry is potentially lower impact than quarrying,
  • The site facilitates waste management,
  • Staff could arrive by bus.

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