I’m here like the other people to show you what we have got,

Can I ask you a question? Isn’t 95% a lot?

People have been great – raising money for the pot,

and with such great support, let the other side rot!

Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine,

by doing some revision,

and taking action,

with this delusion.

I’m getting fed up with them saying, “it’s good for recycling and

the environment’,

but surprisingly it’s not,

I don’t think they know what they are doing –

So let me say it clearly for them, for the damage you are causing too,

the habitats

that are sanctuaries for the bats,

Imagine the species

that would flee

And the birds of prey

going grey,

The ash is hazardous

and will harm us all

Don’t you have a heart?

No one wants these animals to depart,

Threatening causes

that would devour potential life,

The pink flowers that rely on each bee

and the residential area called Buckfastleigh

Do you realise the devastation

You’ll create?

(you can turn your campaign down, it’s not too late)

People of many ages will be distraught with your behaviour

Buckfastleigh will need a saviour

Because what you are doing is murder,

So Buckfastleigh will never ever surrender,

Let the town thrive in orange

With big fat letters saying ‘No’

We give people Education

all around the Nation,

Do you realise the influence you are showing?

It’s an execution!

It’s a violation!

Just because you want attention –

You deserve a danger mention!

This is not a game,

What about the under 18s for Buckfastleigh’s name

You call us kids,

You call us lame,

We are allowed to talk but we are not allowed a vote that will gain,

And yes it is a pain,

And if you do not listen to what we have to say,

then you are Lame.

Let the town thrive in orange

With big fat letters saying ‘No’

Jessica Stacey, Buckfastleigh, 10 July 2013


3 thoughts on “Locals session – opening statement by Jessica Stacey

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  2. Hello Jessica here !!! My dad is now nick named ‘Jessica s Dad’ after the fortunate day two days ago. I still cant believe that my poem that I wrote is on the internet !! I do hope the man (the one with the big decision) realised the true meaning to the poem.Thank you to everyone who was there to listen to me – you gave me strength and courage to read it allowed.
    Let the town thrive in orange, With big fat letters saying ‘No’.

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