University of Exeter – news – Law Students help BCF at inquiry

Exeter University Law Students support Buckfastleigh Community Forum in their opposition of the proposed development of Whitecleave Quarry

Exeter University Law Students support Buckfastleigh Community Forum in their opposition of the proposed development of Whitecleave Quarry. From left to right, Chirag Patel, David Kanhai & Hannah Cameron.

The community of Buckfastleigh has had support from so many people, organisations and businesses throughout our opposition of two separate development applications and now an appeal for what will happen to Whitecleave Quarry. I know it’s been said before, but it must be said again – too many names to mention! The list is so long.

However the vast amount of information on this blog is down to the efforts of five individuals who live outside Buckfastleigh. One as far away as Basingstoke. There are five law students who are studying at the University of Exeter who have given up their time to join Buckfastleigh in our opposition by attending the inquiry and taking detailed accurate notes of the proceedings, doing research and filing a blog post for each day of the inquiry. You can read what University of Exeter has written here.

Huge thanks go to:

David Kanhai, Chirag Patel, Hannah Cameron, Christopher Kientzler and Kate Harding.

They have become an integral part of this inquiry and become part of our community. Their efforts help Buckfastleigh Community Forum, our legal team and the wider community. The press would certainly not be at the inquiry every day, and it’s difficult to imagine how one individual from our community with the right skills and experience of law could give up his or her time to sit every day in the inquiry taking notes, writing them up and distributing the information to keep everyone informed.

The experience is a rewarding one for the law students too – from observing barristers in cutting cross examination, noting points of procedure and case law, to seeing how the law is applied in a real life situation. Not to mention honing their note-taking skills with razor sharp concentration and accuracy!

Thanks also go to Isabel Carlisle and Mothiur Rahman who both continue to support to Buckfastleigh. Through their work with ‘Voices of the Earth’ network they made the connection with Lucy Finchett-Maddock, a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. Lucy teaches an Environmental Law module and asked students if they would like to get involved. We were blown away to learn there were five students who wanted to help!

The students aren’t getting paid to attend and by giving up their time to be here in Buckfastleigh they also give up the chance of earning much needed money during the summer months. So people in Buckfastleigh have been doing their bit to make it possible for the students to attend the inquiry. They’ve provided free accommodation and meals to the students, welcomed them into their homes, shown them the town and took them onto Dartmoor.

Many thanks to Suzie and Stuart Franklin, Lindsey and Tim Drey, Maureen Shaw, Charlie McConnell and David Lawson.

Law students from Exeter University.

Three of the five law students from Exeter University who are providing help and support through the planning inquiry. From left to right, Chirag Patel, Hannah Cameron and David Kanhai.


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