What was this waste? IBA. INCINERATOR BOTTOM ASH. From MVV’s waste incinerator in Plymouth. On 13 January 2017 a shipment of waste IBA exploded onboard the ship meant to transport it to another country.

This IBA was the toxic waste that had been originally intended for Buckfastleigh as part of Gilpin Demolition’s and MVV’s plan. This was the waste that Gilpin Demolition, MVV and Devon County Council Planning Officers described as ‘inert’.

Devon County Planning Officers recommended approval of Gilpin’s & MVV’s plans to Devon’s Management Development Committee, to send IBA to Whitecleave Quarry in Buckfastleigh. MVV and Gilpin Demolition jointly planned for IBA to be transported from Plymouth to Buckfastleigh for it’s storage and processing, plus the storage and processing of Gilpin’s construction and demolition waste.

Below is a link to the news article about how IBA from Plymouth exploded on board the transport ship very seriously injuring a seaman (first-degree burns to his face and head and second-degree burns to the rest of his body) and causing damage to the ship.

In addition, the company did not fill out proper paperwork declaring the material (IBA) that was to be transported.

Apparently several factors combined to cause the explosion, including the presence of non-ferrous metals (metal other than iron or steel) in the bottom ash and increased moisture.

Our thoughts are with the seaman and any others who were injured and his family, friends and shipmates.

Residents of Buckfastleigh spent a very long time examining evidence and fighting Gilpin’s and MVV’s plans, going all the way to Appeal. We seriously question the professional practice of Gilpin Demolition and MVV, and the competence of Devon County’s planning officers to recommend approval of the original planning application.




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  1. Another example of unwanted matter being hidden in the back yard of someone else. Where there’s muck there’s brass..for whom? Jean midson

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