Development is often allowed under the guise of creating local jobs. This is THE ONLY point of relevance to Teignbridge’s Local Plan that Gilpin could put forward in their application.

Ok then. Let’s call for transparency from Gilpin, and accountability from our ‘Competent Authority’ for their decision (that’s Devon’s Planning Officer who recommended approval of Gilpin’s application and the members of the Development Management Committee) for believing the employment promises in Gilpin’s application.

Let’s demand to see the evidence!

From 15 July 2014 to 14 July 2015 we ask Devon County Council that Gilpin produce evidence of exactly how many people from the Parish of Buckfastleigh gained employment on site, at Whitecleave Quarry. When did their employment begin? What is the nature of their job, i.e. full or part time, skilled or not skilled, short or long term contract, above or below the average national wage?

If Devon County Council approve a planning application based upon the promise of local jobs by the applicant, the Council should ensure this promise is fulfilled. Just like the Council should ensure that the conditions attached to planning permissions are adhered to.

Isn’t Planning and Development meant to be transparent and accountable?