On Monday 9 December 2013 a number of people saw a laden double trailer lorry and a skip lorry, like the one shown here, along Strode Road and entering Whitecleave Quarry. Why would a quarry operation need lorries laden with construction and demolition waste to enter an operational quarry?

And wouldn’t a Monitoring Officer want to know exactly what materials were entering the site on those vehicles? Isn’t it their job?

Yet emails from residents to David Pressley, County Monitoring Officer, elicited this response…
“I do not consider there is justification to ask for this information, however I will be visiting the site on an Inspection shortly and will pay particular attention to whether there is evidence of materials being brought into the site as a result of our discussion.”

In a recent Ombudsman’s decision regarding complaints about Devon County Council, the Ombudsman found –
“…the council was clearly at fault for repeatedly failing to deal with the various imports in writing as condition 4 [of the ROMP Restrictions] required.”

So here we go again?!


One thought on “What materials are Gilpins bringing on site?

  1. Have you seen the new planning application on the gate? See my reply left on previpus post regarding another fire which sets out the application for change of use and “storage” . We all need to find out what he intends to store in the quarry as it loks like he is moving it in already. We dont want demolition waste stored in there over the 10,000sq m they have applied for……..

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