Why won’t Devon County Council take enforcement action?
Gilpin Demolition by its own admission is a demolition company http://gilpindemolition.com/default.asp not a company that quarries stone. So considering that Whitecleave Quarry is, well, a quarry, why would Gilpin be allowed to use it to store equipment not related to quarrying or undertake activities not related to quarrying and get away with it?

In an email from Mr Mike Deaton dated Thursday 03 October 2013 to a resident of Buckfastleigh he stated,
“Whilst some of the polystyrene blocks have been removed the majority remain at the site despite the operator agreeing to remove them by the end of August 2013. ..Our view is that the blocks are not associated with quarry operations. In terms of action it is open to the Authority to begin enforcement procedures to require the removal of these blocks.” Mr Deaton’s email goes on… “The visit identified other issues at the site including storage of equipment that appears to be used in connection with the operator’s demolition business. The issue of the concrete tower is also being considered. …I have also received comments about the use of the engineering workshop and we have reminded the operator that any working here has to be associated with repairs relating to quarry operations.”

I emailed Mr Deaton on 26 October 2013 asking when enforcement action would be taken. Mr Andrew Bowman replied instead saying this situation was currently under investigation. It’s with Devon County Council’s solicitor apparently.

Now here we are in December 2013 and ‘the Authority’ has still done nothing?
Why won’t Devon County Council take enforcement action? Devon County Council has a duty to all the citizens and residents in the county of Devon to monitor this site and enforce the rules within which the operator must comply.