In the true spirit of Christmas Gilpin Demolition have presented to the community of Buckfastleigh a little present – a 3rd Planning Application for change of use of Whitecleave Quarry! Shouldn’t there be a limit to how many they are allowed?

Gilpin Planning Application – 29 Nov 2013

Their application is dated the 29th of November 2013 – the last date by which Gilpin and MVV could have challenged the Planning Inspector’s decision in court. Coincidence? I think not.

site location plan D134633 – PA01
site location plan D134633 – PA05

email-Nick Gambles-Gilpin-to-TDC-Helen Williams-17 Dec 2013

design & access statement-11 dec 2013

block plan

block plan 2

Have a look at the application and the supporting documents on Teignbridge District Council’s website and make a Comment or Objection here.

Also have a look at Change of Use and Use Classes here.


3 thoughts on “A Gilpin Christmas

  1. Helen Shobbrook is the planning officer at Teignbridge DC dealing with the application : helen.shobbrook@ teignbridge.gov.uk. And guess what, she is on holiday until 6 January. I have asked for transparency on the word “storage” on 10,000 sq m area. Helen Williams just passes emails on to her.

  2. In an email from Nick Gambles at Gilpin Demolition to Helen Williams dated 17 December 2013 he clearly states Gilpin will not be quarrying. This email is one of the official documents relating to Gilpin’s planning application. There is a link above on this page so you can read it. It is quite clear that Gilpin Demolition has stated they will not quarry, so the only possible conclusion is they will be ‘storing’ equipment and materials to do with their Demolition business. We need to ask for an extension of the time to publish and comment upon this planning application. It is unreasonable of the applicant and the planning officials to publish this application over Christmas.

  3. reply from DCC regarding enforcement notices

    Dear Mr. Orme,

    In reply to your e-mail dated 23rd December 2013 I have the following observations:

    This matter was included in an Enforcement Report, which included recommendations for action, that was presented to the County Solicitor last week. However any enforcement of this matter is now held in abeyance until the determinations of the planning applications for change of use at Whitecleaves Quarry

    These matters were included in the Enforcement Report taken to the County Solicitor, and similarly any enforcement of these matters is now held in abeyance until the determinations of the planning applications for change of use at Whitecleaves Quarry

    I note your comments in your fifth paragraph. These matters are considered by the Mineral Planning Authority as having been undertaken as part of the lawful winning and working of the site. This was confirmed by the Inspector at the recent planning appeal.

    The complaint that alleged that loaded demolition vehicles were entering the site has been investigated. No evidence of was found of the storage of demolition waste and no evidence was found for the burning of demolition waste. A low loader was seen being loaded with earthmoving/demolition equipment. This however in an operation that appears to fall under the category of “storage activities”. It must therefore be considered as a matter that is currently held in abeyance until the determinations of the planning applications for change of use at Whitecleaves Quarry.

    David Pressley
    County Monitoring Officer

    Planning, Transportation & Environment,
    Devon County Council,
    Tel: 01392 382160

    Disclaimer: http://www.devon.gov.uk/email.shtml

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