Another fire today in the quarry, same place, plus added bonus of continuous heavy plant noise in the area. Unfortunately the fire and smoke had died down just before this photograph was taken.


David Pressley, County Monitoring Officer, Planning, Transportation & Environment at Devon County Council (Tel: 01392 382160 david.pressley@devon.gov.uk) responded by email to concerns about the fire on Monday the 9th of December. In his email he replied that he had telephoned Gilpin Demolition. He was also sent photographs of the fire and materials to be burnt. He said that they also reported no material other than the remains of the trees cleared from the site were burnt.

On another note, why on Monday the 9th of December 2013 the same day of the fire, were there fully laden Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste lorries heading towards and entering Whitecleave Quarry, a quarrying site not a C&D waste site? Different people spotted these vehicles…

On Monday 9 December 2013 two people spotted a Gilpin vehicle that was a large double trailer with what looked like waste. It went into the quarry at about 10.30 am.

Again on Monday December 9th, but in the afternoon at 3.45pm, there was a maroon Gilpin branded lorry carrying a maroon Gilpin branded skip with waste sticking out of the top travelling in the direction of the quarry.

If you see vehicles which may not be related to the permitted quarrying activities entering the site, please report them to David Pressley.

Please include the date, time, description of the vehicle and load and if possible its registration number.


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  1. 21/12/13. New planning application on quarry gates. Change of Use for offices and vehicle repair (Use Class B1 and B2) and “storage” covering 10,0000 sqm. (Use class B8) Storage of what????????? Full application on Teignbridge DC Planning website. Makes interesting reading!!!

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