I hope people are reading this new draft Waste Planning Policy and commenting on it. As imperfect the consultation process might be, it is one of the the main opportunities we have to make our views known before policy is put into force. It’s much harder to fight for change later. Possible, but much, much more difficult, time consuming and costly.

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The UK Government Published a National Waste Planning Policy document and has put it out to public consultation on 29 July 2013. (Thank you to Chris Woodhead for spotting this!)  It applies to England.  Here’s the link to the UK.gov website to find all the details.  I’ve also copied and pasted in much of the text below and there is a link below to a PDF document.  Please do have a read and make your views known to the government.  I don’t know if the Planning Inspector is able to take this into account or not.  However we should be fully informed and make ourselves as knowledgeable as we can on this new development.

Updated national waste planning policy: Planning for sustainable waste management  Ref: ISBN 9781409839620

The intention is that this updated waste policy should replace existing national waste planning policy Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for sustainable waste management…

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