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‘No alternative sites’ for Plymouth incinerator’s ash

By LISA CLARK  @lisaclarkherald

ANTI-INCINERATION campaigners have hit out at developers MVV after it was  revealed the company doesn’t have any alternative local sites to handle the  incinerator bottom ash (IBA) beyond a pending application in Buckfastleigh.

Last month, there was a planning inquiry in Buckfastleigh as to whether or  not to allow the IBA  to be recycled at Whitecleave Quarry. A decision is  expected in September. A spokesman for campaigners PlymWIN said: “If MVV’s  planning appeal is turned down by the planning inspector, the German company has  now admitted it has nowhere else to store or recycle the IBA, meaning it would  be in breach of planning conditions.”

However, MVV boss Paul Carey dismissed the claim. He said: “Part of the  planning criteria is that we should try to recycle the IBA locally.

“There are other sites in the UK but they are not in the south  west.

“Hence why we want it as part of the application for Buckfastleigh.

“Worst case scenario is that we’d have to recycle IBA from Plymouth further  afield, but landfill would never be an option.

“That part of the planning conditions is a ‘try do to’ obligation, not a  ‘must do’. And we are trying to do it locally. We have not found alternative  sites which are available locally. The landowners have to agree to it.

“We’re confident we’ll get permission to recycle at Buckfastleigh.”

Lynne Hayden, from PlymWIN, said: “This makes a mockery of Condition 8 of the  planning agreement, which was meant to stop this eventuality happening.

“It really is Buckfastleigh or bust.”

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