The UK Government Published a National Waste Planning Policy document and has put it out to public consultation on 29 July 2013. (Thank you to Chris Woodhead for spotting this!)  It applies to England.  Here’s the link to the UK.gov website to find all the details.  I’ve also copied and pasted in much of the text below and there is a link below to a PDF document.  Please do have a read and make your views known to the government.  I don’t know if the Planning Inspector is able to take this into account or not.  However we should be fully informed and make ourselves as knowledgeable as we can on this new development.

Updated national waste planning policy: Planning for sustainable waste management  Ref: ISBN 9781409839620

The intention is that this updated waste policy should replace existing national waste planning policy Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for sustainable waste management published in July 2005 and revised in March 2011; and for the updated policy to sit alongside the proposed new Waste Management Plan for England, published for consultation by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 15 July 2013.

The Government has started consulting on updated waste planning policy designed to ensure that that there is adequate provision of new waste management facilities of the right type, in the right place.

The document stresses that planning policy should “protect the local environment and local amenity by preventing waste facilities being placed in inappropriate locations”.

Communities and Local Government Minister Baroness Hanham explained that the new proposals streamlined existing policy and used the same principles as the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

In a statement to the Upper House she stressed that the proposals would give added protection to the Green Belt.

The minister said the new approach “removes the reference in the current policy that planning authorities should give significant weight to locational needs and wider environmental and economic benefits when considering waste planning applications in the Green Belt.

“This means that, under national planning policy, these planning considerations should not be given more significant weight compared to others when planning applications are decided for waste facilities in the Green Belt.”

The amended policy encourages the use of heat as an energy source where energy from waste development is being considered and highlights that energy from waste facilities should be considered alongside existing sewage treatment works “given the potential benefits of co-locating such facilities”.

Ministers have decided that the new planning policy does not require either strategic environmental assessment (SEA) or screening in terms of the 2010 Habitats Regulations.

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