Added picture of the legal team on the final day of the inquiry

Planning Inquiry Buckfast-leigh

The last day of this public inquiry saw closing statements from the three parties:

  • Mr Charlie Hopkins for Buckfastleigh Community Forum
  • Mr Rupert Warren for Devon County Council
  • Mr Mark Westmoreland Smith for MVV

The main hall in Buckfastleigh Town Hall was full and there was a sea of orange t-shirts.  Mr Hopkins was first to read out his closing statement, followed by Mr Warren’s closing submissions and a short break for lunch. Returning after lunch, Mr Westmoreland Smith read his closing statement.

Here are the three separate closing statements in Adobe Acrobat PDF.  They are long documents, but make very interesting reading!


CLOSING SUBMISSIONS_DCC_Whitecleave_19 July 2013

CLOSING STATEMENT on behalf of MVV-19july13

The planning inspector’s decision is expected in late August or early September 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Day 15 Friday 19 July 2013 Closing State-ments

  1. Just read the Plymouth Herald online, about there being ‘no alternative site available’ is anyone looking into this any more, or
    is everyone leaving it to the Planning Inspectorate?

    • Thank you so much for spotting this! I’ll take a look now, and I’ll spread the word. The accuracy of their reporting leaves a great deal to be desired (and that’s putting it generously). Please do keep your eyes and ears open and let people know. The decision is in the hands of the Planning Inspector now, but that does not mean we should allow untruths to go without challenge. Importantly, there was a water pollution incident recently in the Dean Burn. It was reported to the Environment Agency and to Devon County Council. There is photographic evidence, and someone from the EA did turn up to look. AND they did pay a visit to Gilpin at the quarry to investigate! Gilpin was advised about the incident. And it has been formally logged. This community is going to have to keep on the ball as long as Gilpin pretends to be a quarry operator!!! Kathryn

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