In the wee hours of the morning of the last day, BBC Radio Devon 103.4FM aired a short pre-recorded piece on how law students from the University of Exeter joined the community of Buckfastleigh in the fight against the proposed use of Whitecleave Quarry for the processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash waste (IBA) from the Plymouth Waste Incinerator at Devonport Dockyard, the processing of Construction & Demolition waste, and the infilling of Whitecleave Quarry with Construction & Demolition waste that Gilpin Demolition cannot sell.

Sophie Pierce from BBC Radio Devon had undertaken and recorded a longer, more in-depth interview with David Kanhai, Chirag Patel and Lindsey Drey, but the editor of ‘Good Morning Devon’ must have had to cut this down to fit into a busy and lively programme on the day.  So what was aired was an excellent short clip of Chriag Patel conveying what the students have done and what it has been like.

I recorded the radio piece from the BBC’s Listen Again facility online with the view to uploading it here.  Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me upload the MP4 file to link to it here.  I’ll endeavour to work through the technicalities so the next time you visit the blog you will be able to listen to the radio piece.

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