The day started with a preliminary site visit to Whitecleave Quarry by the Inspector, Mr John Woolcock and a representative from each of the parties. This was in order for the inspector to have a better gauge of the Quarry itself and the issues being discussed throughout the Inquiry. A formal site visit will take place after the Inquiry has been closed. Plans have been made to visit the alternative sites identified by Devon County Council on the afternoon of Friday 28th June.

The Inquiry commenced with the continuation of the cross examination of Mr Ted Keegan a planning consultant. The key points raised were once again in relation to Mr Keegan’s interpretation of local and national policy. Mr Keegan raised concerns that the development would undermine local policies. Another raised by Mr Keegan was the harm stemming from transport emissions.

The day continued with a re-examination of Mr Keegan by Mr Rupert Warren QC representing Devon County Council. The re-examination allows the party which led the examination in chief to have the opportunity to clarify any matters brought up within the cross examination.

Mr Warren QC brought up issues regarding alternative sites and definitions of certain terms. Mr Keegan re-confirmed that he didn’t feel Whitecleave Quarry was the right place for the development due to the fact he felt other sites would fit better within planning policy guidelines. This brought to the end Mr Ted Keegan’s examinations along with Devon County Council’s witnesses. However he may be recalled if needed later on during the Inquiry.

The Inquiry now moves on to the witnesses of MVV.

MVV called their first witness, Georgina Gilpin of Sam Gilpin Demolition Limited to give evidence on company issues. The examination in chief was led by Mark Westmoreland Smith. Questions were asked regarding Georgina Gilpin’s background and what was being proposed in the application.

Lastly, Charlie Hopkins, representing Buckfastleigh Community Forum, began his cross-examination of Georgina Gilpin. This will be continued tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “Day 2 – Weds 26 June 2013

  1. Thanks very much, we’re relying on you to keep us up to date. Can’t wait to hear how Georgi got on…!

  2. I’d love to be there for every day of this planning inquiry, but I have to work and can’t get time off to attend, so this is a really great service for me (and the rest of the community), so thank you very much for making these details available.

    In her evidence or cross-examination, did GG give any details of the scale of current operations in the quarry (number of HGV movements, amounts of material brought onto and removed from site, amount of material stockpiled on site, amount of material crushed/screened/blended on site)?

    • Thanks, Steve, for your comment. I’ll see what I can do to get answers to your questions. Ms Georgi Gilpin is in cross-examination and re-examination today, most likely up until 12:45 today. Kathryn

    • Hi, Steve – In relation to your question about the current operations regarding amount of materials brought onto and removed from the site in the past 5 years, 5,000 tonnes of fill have been brought onto the site and 3,000 tonnes have been quarried. In addition to this 266.5 tonnes of the quarried materials (dolerite) were sold to companies in the surrounding area (Totnes, Newton Abbot and Buckfastleigh). It must be noted that this is according to the evidence from the cross examination of GG.

    • Steve, I have asked myself the same questions and I think more needs to be understood about the processing. I don’t think it’s a simple operation converting IBA into usable materials (IBAA).

  3. It is great to be able to keep up with what is going on! I to am not able to get to the inquiry so this blog is a brilliant way of keeping up to date!

  4. Thank you so much for providing this information which makes it possible for us to keep eldery residents who do not have internet access & are physically unable to attend up to date. We would love to attend everyday of the inquiry, but decided that it would be better to work so that we can make another donation to the B.C.F!!!!!

  5. Thank you guys, this is so important for concerned people who can’t be there. Good luck sorting the wheat from the chaff! Something tells me there will be a lot of figures, modelling and desktop studies coming up. Let’s hope the Inspector has his reality glasses on.

  6. I have been reading up on IBAA and it seems an ever evolving scenerio. But surely Gilpins business is not to do with IBAA, and frankly from what I have heard they don’t know what they are letting themselves in for. They have no letters of intent from anyone willing to buy the product. Nor can they say Glendinning’s will accept tens of thousands of tons of overflow. Frankly it’s beyond my belief that MVV would want to partner Gilpins here. The Dolomite is now being buried to create a flat site. So many other flat sites are out there, a long way from housing. I hope the inspector knows all this and will save us.

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